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Research Overview

The Division of Public Policy (PPOL) focuses on interdisciplinary policy research that has significant potential impacts on social, economic, and environmental wellbeing. Leveraging on the university’s strengths in science, engineering, business, and social science, we aim to promote interdisciplinary policy research as a means to tackle key policy challenges confronting Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Asia.


Our research centers around three clusters:


  • science, technology, and innovation policy;
  • environment policy and sustainability; and
  • social changes and public policy
Research Clusters Potential Topics of Interest

Science, Technology and Innovation Policy


Smart city, research policy, regulatory policy for technological innovations, higher education policy, knowledge transfer, privacy and security

Environmental Policy and Sustainability


Transboundary pollution, Climate change, environmental policy instruments, energy security, urban resilience, water security, green finance

Social and Urban Policy


Population policy, aging, elderly care, health policy reforms, migration, social stratification, social inequalities

Our faculty members have been successful in getting research grants in these areas from diverse sources, including the Research Grant Council (GRC) and the Policy Innovation and Coordination Office (PICO) of Hong Kong, the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, the Science, Technology and Innovation Commission of Shenzhen (SZSTI), and Guangzhou Commission of Science and Technology Innovation, etc. Recently, they have been working on a number of research projects in areas of strategic concern to Greater Bay Area (GBA), such as the development of technology and innovation hub, Green Finance, and transboundary air pollution.